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5 Best Unique Fonts for Your Wedding Invitations

May 26, 2022
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Selecting a font for your wedding invitation is indeed a small part of the wedding planning task, but this one can impact a lot on your wedding.

A wedding involves a lot of stationery, hence the way that the text would display has the power to convey messages subtly about your chosen wedding styles or aesthetics.

If you are planning to have an intimate garden wedding in your neighborhood, a cursive romantic typeface may be the way to go. Meanwhile, if you are planning to say “I do” at an exotic place, a funky typeface might be more suitable and appropriate.

The options are limitless. However, before settling on the perfect font, there are several things that you should consider.

Five Things to Consider When Selecting Fonts for Wedding Invitations

  1. Decide if you want a custom invitation

Prior to diving into selecting the best font for your special occasion, you need to know how much control would you like to have when it comes to the invitation-making process.

Do It Yourself

While some tasks can be easily DIY, usually invitations are generally best left to the professionals for several reasons. You might think that a DIY wedding invitation will save you up the budget, however, that’s not entirely true. Invitation crafters have access to a larger collection of fonts that could not simply be downloaded off the internet as free fonts. Aside from having a larger variety of fonts, professional invitation crafters also understand advanced printing techniques and have more access to great materials, which will bring your dream invites come true.

Semi Customized

If you want to customize, but don’t have the budget for fully personalized wedding invitations, semi-customized invites might be a great way to go. This will give you well-design invites but still look personalized.

Fully Customized

For the most personalized, fully custom is the way to go. Your stationery for fully custom invitations will send you proof of what your invitations would look like. Some calligraphers have designed their own calligraphy typefaces, which can be freely bought and used in designs.

With fully customized designs, the options are limitless, not only for fonts but also for the entire wedding invitations. The only downside to this option is the cost that you have to pay a lot more in comparison to. If you have an extra budget, the fully customized option will the best option to go.

  • 2. Learn the basics of typeface styles

There are a lot of jargon in the typography world, hence it would be very helpful to understand some key terms before you finally decide on your dream wedding font.

Before stepping on further, in the world of fonts, there are four main categories of fonts:


Fonts that have short lines stemming at the ends of the letters. For example, Times New Roman.

Sans Serif

This type of font does not have serif lines attached to the letters, like Helvetica or Tahoma.


What makes script fonts different from serif or sans serif is the fact that it involves a lettering style that resembles cursive handwriting. This type of font is also often referred to as cursive or calligraphy fonts.


This particular type of font tends to be more artistic than legible. Think of Friends or Harry Potter. The lettering associated with brands or franchisees could be called font, however, it’s also highly graphic. Display fonts can be used for a sign, but since it’s not entirely legible, be mindful when incorporating display fonts into invitations.

  • 3. Wedding style and themes will help to define your font choice

The chosen fonts should be able to reflect the style or concept of the wedding. If you are planning to have a classy wedding, serif fonts might suit you well. On the other hand, using sans-serif font will give a more modern and minimalist feel. Similarly, if you decide to settle on a script font, you might want to choose the one that reflects the concept of the wedding.

  • 4. Choose legible fonts

While there are many beautiful new fonts, it’s important to remember that the invitations should serve their function: to inform guests regarding the detail of the event. Other than fonts, invitees should be mindful of the layout of the text. People can be creative with typographies but it is better to choose bold and neat fonts to write important information such as time, date, and location.

  • 5. Make sure fonts pair well together

You are likely will not want just one font for your wedding invitations. It’s wise to limit your font selection up to a maximum of three. Many online font foundries such as Aksoro99 will allow you to test out a font so you could see what your name would look like in a given font.

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